AGMI To Host The 12th Conference Of International Association Of Gen


13:48 16.09.2014

The International Association of Genocide Scholars(IAGS) will hold its
twelfth meeting in Yerevan on 8-12 July 2015, hosted by the Armenian
Genocide Museum & Institute. Director of the AGMI Hayk Demoyan will
serve as Local Conference Chair. The conference theme is “Comparative
Analysis of 20th Century Genocides.”

2015 is an important year for all Armenians worldwide in terms of
commemoration of the centennial of the beginning of the Armenian
Genocide. The Armenian Genocide is considered as the first genocide of
the 20th century and in many ways served as a template for subsequent
genocidal crimes.

2015 is also is the year of 70th anniversary of the end of WWII and
the Holocaust. Therefore, it is a significant time to analyze both
crimes and all genocides of the 20th century in global and comparative
perspectives. The event will bring together hundreds of renowned
genocide scholars from all around the world.

The International Association of Genocide Scholars recognized the
Armenian Genocide in 1997 and was awarded the Armenian President’s 2010
Prize for considerable contribution to the international recognition
of the Armenian Genocide.

The International Association of Genocide Scholars is a global,
interdisciplinary, non-partisan organization that seeks to further
research and teaching about the nature, causes, and consequences of
genocide, and advance policy studies on genocide prevention.

The Association, founded in 1994, meets regularly to consider
comparative research, important new work, case studies, the links
between genocide and other human rights violations, and prevention
and punishment of genocide. The Association holds biennial conferences
and co-publishes the scholarly journal Genocide Studies and Prevention.

A central aim of the Association is to draw academics, activists,
artists, genocide survivors, journalists, jurists, public policy
makers, and other colleagues into the interdisciplinary study of
genocide, with the goal of prevention.

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