Why Weren’t The Leaders Of ARF And "Heritage" Present?


September 12 2014

Yesterday, the meeting of PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan and ANC leader
Levon Ter-Petrosyan was held in the PAP central office. According to
official release, during the meeting the collaboration results of the
Quartet were discussed, as well as rally organization and preparation
related issues. “Both political parties reaffirmed their stance about
unacceptability of changing the government regime of the country via
constitutional amendments in the current situation, and consider the
implementation of reforms aimed at putting the country on the path of
development a priority. The sides also emphasized the importance of
joint visits to the marzes prior to the rally to inform people about
the items of joint agenda and to mobilize them,” says the release
after the meeting. Previously, it was announced that the meeting
of the leaders would be held prior to the rally. But yesterday, the
meeting of two out of the four forces took place. To the question of
Aravot why ARF and “Heritage” leaders were not present at the meeting,
the leader of the “Heritage” faction, Ruben Hakobyan, said that it is
accepted with them that bipartite and tripartite meetings may also take
place. “It is normal that such a meeting can be held. But, ultimately,
any issue related to the joint rally should be discussed within the
Quartet,” said our interlocutor. It was impossible to determine the
ARF’s attitude to Tsarukyan-Ter-Petrosyan meeting.

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From: A. Papazian