Iran Will Replace Turkey In NATO

Iran Will Replace Turkey In NATO

Hakob Badalyan, Political Commentator
Comments – 06 September 2014, 15:30

BBC informed that Iran’s religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini has
authorized Iranian officials to interact with Pentagon, which is
determined by the recent activities of the Islamic State and the
common interest of counteracting it.

Turkey is said to support the terrorist group of Islamic State. In the
NATO summit in Wales the issue of Islamic terrorists was one of the
key issues aside from Russia’s aggression.

Turkey did not get a warm welcome in the NATO summit though such
attitude to Turkey had been observed before the summit. The summit has
made a key decision on Georgia. The Georgian minister of defense has
announced that NATO will set up a joint military base in Georgia.

The Wales summit marks a breakthrough in the region and the
information received from Tehran is the reaction to these changes.

Turkey stops being a partner to Turkey, instead Iran comes forth.
Tehran expected such tendencies and regional and global challenges and
responds with reserve but adequately to signals coming from the North
Atlantic community.

Turkey has run out of partner potential for the North Atlantic
alliance and now replacing Turkey with Iran is topical.

Armenia is obtaining a key importance. It is the only state in the
region which does not have any political issues with Iran. The
maintenance of the status quo remains the key issue for Iran. By the
way, the United States took an important step, organizing the
Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting and announcing that escalation is
unacceptable, which is the same as reiterating the status quo.

In fact, in Wales the United States took a step that stems from the
interests of not only Armenia but also Iran and is indirect
cooperation in the security sphere with Iran which is trying to
counteract Moscow’s attempts to station Russian peacekeepers in

In this situation Armenia has two ways: doze on the laurels of the
situation that occurred through Wales Summit resolution and Iran’s
adequate reaction and attitude and enjoy the status quo without
angering Russia until Moscow brings about new dangers or change the
situation essentially and set up serious political relations with Iran
instead of playing April 24 invitation games with Turkey.

If the NATO military base in Georgia comes into being, the
responsibility of Armenia for ensuring regional political
communication in the region will grow, increasing opportunities for
improvement of the level of security of Armenia.

People in Armenia have so far believed that it is necessary to get
maximum economic and financial use from different projects with Iran,
and if an opportunity arises, become a transit area. These are false
dreams. To act as an outlet to the West for Iran, Armenia has a chance
to provide or become a means of military political communication at
best. Economic issues are tentacles in this context that are needed to
find common grounds.

No Armenian-Iranian economic project interests the North Atlantic
community globally. These are time consuming and unfeasible processes
while challenges are intensifying in a wink and require essential
military-political discussions and research.

Will Armenia be able to act autonomously and initiate at least, for
example, three-party military political consultations with Iran and

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