Aziz Tamoyan: Armenia is safest country for Yazidis

Aziz Tamoyan: Armenia is safest country for Yazidis

Saturday,September 06

The plight of Iraqi Yazidis has worsened in the past week, and they
are in a difficult situation now, Aziz Tamoyan, the head of National
Union of Yazidis NGO, told reporters today.

Tamoyan stressed the inadmissibility of genocide in the 21st century.
In his words, some of the Yazidi people are being exterminated in
Turkey, others – in Syria, and although the Syrian government helps
Yezidis, its help is insignificant.

“Syria has its own problems. We ask the United States to continue
actively providing relief to Yazidis as the Islamists’ goal is not
limited to Yazidis’ extermination. Their real goal is to create an
Islamic state. We speak about human rights, but today we don’t see
this institute functioning. Why is everyone silent when an entire
nation is dying of hunger? This Islamic wave will sweep the whole
world,” A. Tamoyan said.

According to him, about 2,300 Yazidi women are being held captive and
they need to be rescued. “300 Yazidi women and girls were sold in a
market in Syria. It is unacceptable that women are sold as sex slaves
in the 21st century,” Aziz Tamoyan said resentfully.

Many of Iraqi Yazidis want to move to Armenia as it is the safest
country for them, the union chairman noted.

Making an appeal to other countries, Tamoyan said that if they want to
help Yazidis, they should send money to the Yazidi people, rather than
to the Iraqi government.

“The money should be sent to Lalish, Yazidis’ cultural center and
their place of pilgrimage in Northern Iraq. Relief donations for the
Yazidi people can be transferred to an account opened in Armenia,”
Aziz Tamoyan said.

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