Another Disclosed Fact About Vardan Petrosyan’s Case

Another Disclosed Fact About Vardan Petrosyan’s Case

Pastinfo, News Agency
Law – 29 August 2014, 19:26

The Court of Kotayk continued the adjourned trial of Vardan Petrosyan
indicted for the car accident one year ago. The aggrieved party was

Before starting the interrogation of witnesses, Vardan Petrosyan’s
advocate Nikolay Baghdasaryan presented a motion for attaching photos
of the accident scene which clearly show that the “accident took place
in the traffic part of the road, not the roadside”.

“If we maximize the photo, we will see that though the tarmac was
washed, and big pieces of glass were washed away to the roadside, the
small chunks of glass are stuck in the cracks on tarmac and are in the
traffic part of the road,” Nikolay Baghdasaryan said, presenting to
the justice the magnified copies of photos.

Nikolay Baghdasaryan also filed a motion against listing the records
on the accident scene attached to the file as evidence because
according to the Criminal Procedure Code, obtained data cannot be
viewed as evidence if they were obtained with violation of the
procedure of investigative action because in Armenia there is nobody
with the name and date of birth of the person mentioned in the witness
record, Nikolay Baghdasaryan said, noting that in the previous hearing
of the court one of the witnesses, an employee of the Ministry of
Emergency Situations Vram Vardanyan, testified that it was dark and he
did not see what paper he was signing.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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