Armenian soldier reminds Azerbaijan that they can’t talk to us with

Armenian soldier reminds Azerbaijan that they can’t talk to us with
force of arms: Karabakh Commander

10:25, 26 August, 2014

YEREVAN, AUGUST 26, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian soldier doesn’t need
anything, but human prayers for health and success. During the
conversation with journalists a commander of one of military unit in
the northeastern direction of Karabakh Harutyun Amirkhanyan said about
this. As “Armenpress” reports, during the conversation with
journalists, he said: “During the recent 20 days, the rival tried to
escalate the situation in the front line, trying to prove something to
the world and his people.

But as many years ago, now as well it was our soldier and our soldier
alone could throw back the opponent from his intention.

Unfortunately, we also had human casualties. But we managed to prove
that our work is fair and they have nothing to do with us. We remind
them that all the issues can be solved only in diplomatic ways, they
can’t talk to us in the language of force of arms.”

According to commander Amirkhanyan, in the result of recent events
none of the soldiers from their military unit got injured,
which is the reason of well preparedness, being vigilant and
consistent and of course God’s Blessing. “The Armenian soldier is
the same as several days ago. Moreover gained more experience after
military actions within the last few days. Our soldier applied in
practice what he knew theoretically,” the commander added.

From: A. Papazian

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