Coordination Center of Armenian Associations of Sweden demand Azerba

Coordination Center of Armenian Associations of Sweden demand
Azerbaijan to repatriate Karen Petrosyan’s body

by Ashot Safaryan

Saturday, August 23, 20:29

Coordination Center of Armenian Associations of Sweden has
disseminated an open letter addressed to the ICRC President Peter
Maurer, wherein it claims that the death of the Armenian civilian
Karen Petrosyan in Azeri captivity and the video where he is suffering
violent treatment by Azeri militaries creates grounds for questioning
the captive’s natural death.

The Coordination Center urges involvement of independent international
experts in the inquiry into Petrosyan’s death reasons. They called on
the ICRC to take every possible measure to repatriate the body to

The 31-year-old resident of Chinari village Karen Petrosyan, crossed
the border while drunk and fell captive to the Azerbaijani forces. In
a day, Azerbaijan reported that Petrosyan died of what they call a
cardiovascular deficiency. Meanwhile, Armenia insists that Petrosyan
died from tortures, as the man did not suffer from any heart problems.
The video and photo materials available in the Azerbaijani mass media
testify to the inhumane treatment of Karen Petrosyan in Azeri
captivity. At present Armenia is collecting the necessary materials to
apply to international instances over inhumane treatment of captives
in Azerbaijan. ICRC is negotiations for repatriation of Petrosyan’s

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