Armenian as a Condition of Love

Armenian as a Condition of Love

By MassisPost
Updated: August 6, 2014

By Victor Konoplev

Obviously, it was God’s decision to blow the winds from the top of
Mount Ararat to a tiny city, located thousands of miles away from it,
exactly when my parents planed to conceive me. I willingly believe in
this, because I felt the attracting power and spiritual verve on my
own skin during that very moment when I saw Mount Ararat for the first
time, crossing the Ararat Valley.

By a chance discovery, the centuries-old “recharges” of Mount Ararat
and its genetic code was so identical to the planetary genetic code,
that they became my very own and too familiar just like the air we
breath, or the wind causing us to wrap ourselves in clothing, or, on
the contrary, we embrace it with open arms as we face Mount Ararat to
regain our equilibrium. Just like the sand in the desert, being secret
and extremal, or the fertile soil providing us very generously with
its gravely important vital necessities, this gives me now a clear
perception of the astonishing attraction of the offsprings of Noah.

Armenia is simply the Universe, unlimited and all-embracing with its
“black holes” and galaxies, but in contrast to outer space, there is
no vacuum there. On the contrary, Armenia is filled with scents,
taste, a striking display of visual marvels … And it’s not like
rubbing amber to cause an electrostatic phenomena, but Armenia is
amalgamated through essence and uniqueness of every element of that
construction, combining the designation of exceptional qualities of
All-Armenian phenomenon in a permanent critical moment of truth of the
uniqueness of its existence, allowing it to expand the boundaries of
its own universe. And, as there are no two similar stars in space,
there are no two similar Armenians, likewise. This individuality and
irrationality of the Armenian people is one of the most existential
for no other nation can be compared to them.

Armenia, often sharing boarders with others, over the centuries not
only was interwoven within the rich layers of history, but it has laid
a firm ground by propagating their neighbors with the genius of its
essence. The Armenians have sprouted up in them so rapidly and
conveniently that even the introverted “breeders” can’t completely
eradicate this culture.

The Armenians as a historical reality took place as far as the history
of mankind took place. We find them documented on every page of human
civilization: in the Bible and in cuneiform tablets or narrations of
chroniclers. And this domestically peculiar self-consciousness
encourages and validates some or irritates and antagonizes others,
mainly the barbarians and nomads. The Armenians, because of their
natural openness, honesty and somewhat child’s credulity have always
been victims of historical intrigue and machinations. The fact is so
amazing, that the Armenians instead of being bitter, they re-built
their homes, created their families and have faithfully served their
country. This is not a historical mission to demonstrate to the entire
world, especially the necessity of being human, of being that the
world longs for in a global sense.

Their harmonious planetary existence is confirmed by each sign of
Mesropian alphabet. When one is dealing with them fist, one truly
enjoys the perfection of each line, each bend and each bulge of the
alphabet. They are not simply signs. They are turns and bends of the
very vital lines owed to the Armenians: the periods of their peace and
war, the embodiment of their spiritual essence, the identity of the
Armenian nature — the controversial and zestfully beautiful at the
same time. Some researchers of the Armenian alphabet have already
noticed that the number of elements in the angular and rounded letters
of the Armenian alphabet are the same. It become known that the
roundness of Armenian letters always strive for peace. However, in
reality, it becomes very obvious that the lines and corners grant the
Armenian alphabet the golden seal of harmony. Learning the Armenian
alphabet, one can see in the curved section of the line an
inexhaustible stock of ideas and creativity. This is subconscious
desire to inventively think and live in the environment that gives
rise to a significantly large number of talented and self sufficient

Armenia is difficult to be understood in the context of the historical
conditions surrounding its history. Armenia exists as a feeling, as a
state of mind and condition of soul. Armenia is so turbulently
temptatious and emotional, that its energy rolls over, permeates
through and through, and tears apart from its routine. Armenia is like
a violin, being able to cause the sounds of the ebb and the flow of
love, a storm of outrage, streams of nostalgia, fires of passion and
flare of revelations. Evidently, God’s Angel Himself plays on this
violin by protecting Armenia. While this charming melody keeps
sounding, the Armenians will not cease to pass away, meaning that this
sensationally marvelous condition of love will never expire or die.

Translator: Mark Karamian

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