Turkey will not find rest, without facing with Armenian Genocide: Am

Turkey will not find rest, without facing with Armenian Genocide:
American missionary

12:03, 31 July, 2014

YEREVAN, JULY 31, ARMENPRESS. The 36-year-old American missionary
Sebastian James has recently published a book titled “Expected
Awakening”, one of the central ideas of which is that “without facing
with the Armenian Genocide, Turkey won’t find rest.”

As “Armenpress” reports, in an interview to “Agos” Sebastian James
said that last 12 years of his life he spent distributing Bible in
Turkey, Pakistan and Palestine, explored the lives of Christians in
these countries and tried to understand why the number of Christians
previously constituting one-third of the population in those areas,
now is insignificant. “After Afghanistan the least number of
Christians currently lives in Turkey among those countries, when 100
years ago 33 percent of the population were Christians. Such decline
of the Christian population gave me a reason to think on discovering
the cause of that. In Turkey people are taught wrong things. These
lies are also connected with Christians living previously in this
country, with Christianity and with Bible. Many lies are about
Armenian Genocide. The purpose of that is not only to disguise their
sins but also to slander Armenians by saying “We didn’t do that, they
did it” and commit another new crime,” Sebastian James noted.


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