Italy: "Apricots are the flagship product of our company,"

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July 28 2014

Italy: “Apricots are the flagship product of our company,”

“Apricots are the flagship product of our company,” explains Angelo
Truglio, administrator of Albafrutta.

“We start selling the fruit from Basilicata and greenhouse varieties
(Ninga Thyrintos and Mogador) at the end of April, then we go on with
the Antonio Errani, Aurora, Orange Rubis, Bella Imola, Reale d’Imola,
Flopria, Bell’Italia, Flodea and Nella varieties.”

>From late May to early July, apricots from the Vesuvio area are
available: Vitillo, Ceccona, San Castrese, Cafona, Boreale, Portici,
Baracca andPellecchiella, the “queen of apricots”.

“Apricots are the most cultivated fruit in the Vesuvio area, as the
volcanic nature of the soil give them a characteristic flavour.”

Apricot plants are part of the same family of roses. They originated
in China over 4,000 years ago. Then, they travelled through Central
Asia and arrived in Armenia, where they were discovered by Alexander
the Great. It was the Greeks who first distributed the fruit around
the Mediterranean, and they called them “crisòmelos”, i.e. golden

The company also produces nectarines. “We start with the Big Top, Big
Ben and Laura varieties from Basilicata and then we go on with Rich
Lady, Stark Red Gold and Caldese from Emilia-Romagna.”

>From June to December, there are also plums. “The most popular
varieties are Goccia d’Oro, San Pietro, Sangue di Drago, Regina
Claudia, Fortuna, TC Sun and Angeleno.”

“2013 was a good year for summer fruit, and prices were good. This
year is totally different, especially because of the weather, as
spring was really rainy and summer is failing to show up.”

“We have a direct relationship with our growers and we visit
production areas periodically to monitor the crops. This way, we can
manage our campaign better.”

The company also supports its producers for what concerns new
varieties – especially as regards apricots – to increase yields and
improve organoleptic qualities.

“We sell our produce mainly to domestic markets, especially those in
Northern-Central Italy (70%), but part of our produce is also sold to
chains (10%) and retailers (20%) Only 10% of the produce is exported,
especially to France and Germany.”

Albafrutta has recently invested in a machine designed specifically
for its needs – it is a mini-processing line for produce in bins. It
unloads fruit gently and halves the processing times.

The objective is to combine it with a brushing machine to supply a
product that looks better, however, current regulations forbid
wholesalers from having such a machine.

“We hope that, in a not too distant future, our needs will be
addressed. We do our best to promote our companies and meet the needs
of clients, but regulations need to help us.”

Albafrutta also sells myagawa, oranges, clementines and tangerines
between September and May.

For further info:
Albafrutta srl
Viale Piemonte c/o MOF – Stand E1
04022 Fondi (Latina) – Italy
Tel.: (+39) 0771 531583
Fax: (+39) 0771 519630
Email: [email protected]


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