Who is not interested in having cheap electricity?

Who is not interested in having cheap electricity?

16:13 | July 26,2014 | Social

How can we develop alternative renewable energy sources in Armenia?

The participants of a roundtable discussion at the EcoLur Press Club
were trying to answer the question. They say many people do not know
that numerous steps have been taken in this direction, despite the
indifference of politicians, whereas European countries switched to
alternative energy sources long ago.

Levon Dokhoyan, a lawmaker of the Rule of Law Party (OEK) and Hovsep
Khurshudyan, a member of the Heritage Party, who were supposed to
attend today’s discussion, did not show up at the meeting for
different reasons.

Vahan Hamazaspyan, a leading advocate for developing renewable energy
in Armenia and author of a helioification program- consumption of
solar energy, says as a scientist he feels ashamed that our government
does not want to do anything for the economy and does not pay
attention to the development of solar energy. “This is a political,
rather than economic issue. I applied to the Secretary of the
National Security Council [Artur Baghdasaryan] asking him to help the
spread and mass production of solar devices. But he did nothing and
today his party is holding incomprehensible rallies against the
planned electricity price hike.”

Tamara Babayan, Director of the Renewable Resources and Energy
Efficiency Fund, says Armenia has gone far ahead in terms of renewable
energy resources, and has a favorable legislative field to use it.

Vahan Hamazaspyan is the author of a device called ‘Combined
HelioSystem,’ which, he says, is a necessity for a country like
Armenia. The device is a mirror, combined with a parabola system,
which can accumulate the solar energy in one point. The thermal
capacity of the device, depending on the area, ranges from 3.3
kilowatts to 3.7 kilowatts.

From: Baghdasarian


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