NKR Police presents details of Azeri saboteurs’ activities

NKR Police presents details of Azeri saboteurs’ activities

KARABAKH | 22.07.14 | 10:53

A group of three armed Azeri saboteurs illegally crossed the state
border into the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic on June 29 on a mission to
collect information, the NKR Police said in a statement, presenting
details of the recent Azeri infiltration into Karvachar.
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According to the statement, Dilham Askerov (born in 1960), Shahbaz
Guliyev (born in 1968) and another person whose identity has not been
established yet, by penetrating the NKR on their mission committed an
act of espionage, while on July 4, with the use of arms, they
kidnapped 17-year-old resident of the village of Nor Erkej Smbat
Tsakanyan. The teenager was found dead on July 15.

The NKR Police said that the yet unidentified member of the group, who
was killed by Karabakh forces while showing resistance at the time of
the arrest, on July 11 killed Yerevan resident Sargis Abrahamyan (born
in 1971) and wounded Karine Davtyan (born in 1977) from the village of
Dzoraghbyur of the Kotayk region of Armenia. According to the report,
the incident took place on the 32nd kilometer of the
Vardenis-Karvachar road and the Azeri attacker acted out of ethnic

Two members of the group, Askerov and Guliyev, were arrested and are
now in custody.


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