Karabakh Army Starts Offensive


Naira Hayrumyan, Political Commentator
Comments – 15 July 2014, 15:12

The NKR Military Council held a meeting in Stepanakert and discussed
possible regional and geopolitical developments and future plans in
this context.

Perhaps this is the first time the Defense Army of Artsakh announced
about its plans to take part in regional and global processes. Earlier
the Karabakh army was limited to the defense of the NKR territory,
announcing that it does not pose any threat to the security of those
who will not encroach upon the security of Artsakh.

What was discussed in the Military Council is a military secret. One
thing is obvious – at last the Karabakh army feels it is an important
geopolitical factor, feels its own power and level of independence
which is higher than ever.

In many countries the armies, especially in the countries which are
in vulnerable geopolitical conditions often assume responsibility for
the existence of the state. Since the beginning of the war in Karabakh
the martial law has been extended every year, and it is still valid,
and the army plays a special role in this.

Geopolitical and regional developments are changing very fast,
and an appropriate response is needed. So far the status quo has
enabled the army of Artsakh to deal with “passive” defense issues,
now the situation has changed.

Challenges are many: Azerbaijan is boosting its military potential
and is not hiding revanchist intentions, Russia is trying to deploy
troops in Karabakh, the American ambassador is constantly speaking
about the inevitability to return seven territories. Being closely tied
to Russia, Armenia cannot take any initiative, leaving everything up
to Karabakh. And it takes an effort to make an independent decision
in accordance with the issues and situation.

Karabakh has not succeeded establishing diplomatic relations over the
years of independence. Lack of international recognition is combined
with the lack of wish of the leaders of Armenia and Karabakh. As
a result the Karabakh army has become not only a military but also
a foreign political factor, not only for Karabakh but also entire

Today the Karabakh army completed the action of neutralization of the
Azerbaijani commando, and the Ministry of Defense announced that the
captured member of the commando will not be returned to Azerbaijan
and will be tried in accordance with the Criminal Code. The tough
response of the army is evidence to its awareness of its role in the
region and what it is capable of in case decisions are made here and
not descend from Moscow.

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