Armenian Catholic Church, Diaspora Ministry Discuss Genocide-Related


18:51 15.07.2014

The 2nd Conference of Means of Communication of the Armenian Catholic
Church kicked off in Yerevan today at the initiative of the Armenian
Catholic Church Committee on Means of Communication and the Armenian
Ministry of Diaspora.

Diaspora Minister Hranush Hakobyan said the conference organized on
the threshold of the 100thanniversary of the Armenian Genocide should
be used as a means to present the national issues to the world in
the best way possible.

She pointed out two important issues any Armenian media should
address. These include the issues of recognition of the Armenian
Genocide, its condemnation, elimination of the consequences and the
strengthening of the two Armenian states.

“Besides speaking about the victims of the Genocide and their heirs,
we should raise the issue of demolition of our cultural and historical
values, churches, as well as the danger the Western Armenians face
and the problems of disguised Armenians in Turkey. Struggling for the
recognition of the Armenian Genocide, we should refer to the stories
of heirs of Genocide survivors,” Mrs. Hakobyan said.

She noted that Turkey’s anti-Armenian propaganda in the world is
obvious; therefore, it’s important to speak about those Turkish
intellectuals, who recognize the Armenian Genocide. “It’s also
important to check the source of any information,” she added.

“There are 78 centers of Armenian studies functioning around the
world, which also should have a say in the process of recognition
and condemnation of the Armenian genocide,” Hranush Hakobyan said.

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