ANKARA: PM Erdogan To Announce "Vision Statement’ For Presidency


Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey
July 11 2014

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will announce his “vision
statement” for the upcoming presidential elections with a ceremony
in Istanbul today, with the participation of some nongovernmental
organizations, academics, minority representatives and artists.

Erdogan, who is running for presidency against Ekmeleddin Ä°hsanoglu
and Selahattin DemirtaÃ…~_, will announce the statement that outlines
his program and vision for leadership if he is to win the elections.

Preparing for the first-ever presidential elections that will be held
by popular vote in the country, Erdogan is expected to outline his
“2023 targets,” a date Erdogan refers to, coinciding with the 100th
anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

According to pro-government daily Yeni Ã…~^afak, the statement includes
a wide variety of issues, such as writing a new Constitution,
the Kurdish peace process, Alevis’ problems and accession to the
European Union.

Erdogan has invited religious leaders, such as Chief Rabbi Ishak
Haleva, acting head of the Armenian Patriarchate Aram AteÃ…~_yan, Greek
Patriarch Bartholomew and Turkish Syriac Catholic Deputy Patriarch
Chorepiscopus Yusuf Sag to the event to be held in Halic Congress
Center in Istanbul.