Armenia electricity price hike’s real reason

Chorrord Ishkhanutyun: Armenia electricity price hike’s real reason

July 05, 2014

YEREVAN. – Reflecting on the recent decision on increasing the price
of electricity in Armenia, prominent sociologist Aharon Adibekyan
stated that this is a good lesson for the market so that the country’s
residents may become rational, a bit more like the Germans, and save
every penny, Chorrord Ishkhanutyun newspaper reported.

“In actual fact, they have increased [the price of] our electricity
for educational and disciplinary considerations. And the objective was
quite honest: to craft rational creatures out of the Armenian nation.

“But the educational and disciplinary method, which Mr. Adibekyan has
indicated, has a drawback. If as a result ‘we [the residents of
Armenia] become a bit like the Germans,’ the foundations of the
[Armenian] statehood will shatter.

“In any case, the Germans definitely would not have tolerated such
authorities. And then, Germans do not rig elections. So, the
authorities will hardly like this method,” Chorrord Ishkhanutyun

The Public Services Regulatory Commission on Tuesday unanimously
decided to increase the electricity price in Armenia by 3.85 drams
(approx. $0.01), or by about 10 percent, as of August 1. Accordingly,
the daytime rate will increase from 38 drams (approx. $0.09) to 41.85
drams (approx. $0.10), and the nighttime rate will rise from 28 drams
(approx. $0.07) to 31.85 drams (approx. $0.08), per kilowatt hour, for
the households in Armenia.

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