Opposition And Sincere Forces Must Unite For National Salvation – Op


19:58 * 30.06.14

Preparliament member Tigran Khzmalyan believes that a national
salvation body should be formed to unite all the opposition and
sincere forces.

“We need to form a national salvation committee and be honest with
the people. It is high time for that. National salvation requires an
even broader platform for all the opposition and sincere forces to
cooperate,” Khzmalyan told Tert.am.

Struggling groups and political forces calling for struggle cannot
draw up a common agenda.

“If there is one aim and one enemy, it is only logical that efforts
must be combined. If we fail to combine our efforts, we’ll suffer
defeat as a nation,” he said.

According to Khzmalyan, ambitions are an obstacle.

“Political forces overestimate their potential. They are more thinking
of the party and personal interests than of national interests.”

Araik Harutyunyan, Board member, Civil Agreement, shares the opinion
of the need for combined efforts.

“Of course, there is a need for unification, but I do not see any
serious processes. The key political forces seem to have different
agendas, without being inclined to deal with one and the same problem,”
Harutyunyan told Tert.am.

“We have never stated our unwillingness to cooperate with any political
force. Rather, we stated a change of power was our priority.

And if there are political forces drawing up such a political agenda
and explaining mechanisms, Civil Agreement is ready to join this
political force in changing power.”


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