Lattakia Governor inspects services in Kassab, al-Samra

Lattakia Governor inspects services in Kassab, al-Samra

Jun 20, 2014

Lattakia, SANA Lattakia Governor Ahmad Sheikh Abdul-Qader inspected
the work of maintenance teams in the areas of Kassab and al-Samara in
Lattakia northern countryside.

Abdul-Qader said work is underway to rehabilitate infrastructure
posthaste to the areas to which the army restored peace and security
to, adding that the maintenance teams have restored electricity and
water to Kassab and will restore them to al-Samara within 24 hours.

He noted that a number of vehicles and lorries loaded with food and
merchandizes were sent to these areas in addition to 10 tanks of water
to al-Samra village.

Kassab is a picturesque town near the border with Turkey which
terrorists had overrun late last March, committing crimes against
predominately-Armenian population. Security and stability were
restored to the town on June 15.

M. Nassr/ M. Ismael

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