Hovik Abrahamyan Does Revolution


Hakob Badalyan, Political Commentator
Comments – Thursday, 15 May 2014, 16:03

Yesterday two symbolic events were reported in Armenia that are
evidence to a sharp turn.

Hovik Abrahamyan met with 100 big taxpayers, while the bill eliminating
the mandatory financial audit of big companies introduced by Tigran
Sargsyan’s government was being discussed in parliament.

Hovik Abrahamyan proposes eliminating the mandatory audit because it
is an extra financial burden.

Of course, it is a burden because a businessman who is, as a rule, a
government official could buy another luxury car or visit an expensive
resort or casino on the fee that he has to pay to the audit company.

Therefore, it is proposed to eliminate the mandatory audit. In other
words, a mechanism of control on big businesses is eliminated.

At the end of the day, the mandatory audit has not changed the economy
of Armenia, and shadow business has not decreased considerably. On
the other hand, despite being a factor of inner security factor of
the system, it could have s tiny role in shaping the full picture,
causing a clash of interests.

At the same time, it is symptomatic that the economic undertaking
of the new prime minister is aimed at relieving big businesses of a
mechanism of control rather than relieving the burden of SMEs.

While parliament was discussing this issue, Hovik Abrahamyan assured
100 big businessmen at the conference hall of the government that
he will create equal opportunities for business, there will not be
nepotism and any privileges, and he will begin with himself.

Most people do not trust Hovik Abrahamyan’s words but they should. The
new prime minister meant equality among big taxpayers, not general
equal opportunities for all the economic operators in Armenia. It
is a narrow circle of the ruling criminal oligarchic system which
holds the bulk of the Armenian economy. This circle was torn by
controversies over the past few years, there was lack of trust,
dissatisfaction shaped by the so-called buddies and non-buddies.

Now Hovik Abrahamyan assures that there will not be discriminations
and there will be equal opportunities for them. In other words,
Hovik Abrahamyan speaks about internal equality and democracy for
the system, not for entire Armenia. Hence, there is no need for doubt
because Hovik Abrahamyan is interested in establishing “equality and
fraternity” inside the system.

The point is that the majority of those who met with Hovik Abrahamyan
yesterday are symbols or evidence to lack of competitive relations
in Armenia. Therefore, when the prime minister promises them equal
opportunities at the level of Armenia, it is absurd because it means
the prime minister promises to limit their possibilities.

Meanwhile, not only Hovik Abrahamyan but also the businessmen spoke
about equality during that meeting, which means equal opportunities
among them is meant.

When Serzh Sargsyan introduced him to the RPA, he announced that
Abrahamyan has committed to relieving concerns about team unity. So
he does relieve them, ensuring that there will not be “emotional”
deviations from the general rules, nobody will be hurt unless the
criminal-oligarchic rules and concepts are violated, i.e. there is
no encroachment upon the overall system.

In other words, Abrahamyan does a peculiar socialist revolution in
the system.

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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