Erdogan moves to appease West on Israel, Armenians as he plans presi

Report: Erdogan moves to appease West on Israel, Armenians as he plans
presidential run

05/04/2014 22:53

Turkish daily ‘Zaman’ says Erdogan wishes to avoid criticism from the
West on human rights, dictatorial nature of his regime.

Turkish PM, Tayyip Erdogan Photo: REUTERS
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seeking to placate the
West on the Israel, Armenian, and Cyprus files as he plans to
consolidate more power in a presidential run.

Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman reported on Sunday, quoting experts
and other sources, that Erdogan’s AK Party plans to evade further
criticism from the West on human rights and the growing dictatorial
nature of the government by normalizing relations with Israel, moving
to resolve the Armenian issue, and resolving the Cyprus dispute.

The surprise apology to the Armenians, acknowledging their pain under
Ottoman rule, was the first time the government made such a statement.

`There are two imminent dangers with huge consequences for Turkey now
lurking in the recesses of Erdogan’s mind.

One is to resolve the Cyprus issue, no matter what. He will go for a
solution regardless of Turkey’s or Turkish Cypriot interests,’ deputy
chairman of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Faruk Logoglu, told
Today’s Zaman.

Turkish and Greek Cyprus leaders met in February for peace talks aimed
at settling the dispute, which has divided the island between the
Turkish north and Greek South.

`The other is the Armenian issue. Erdogan offered condolences to the
Armenians to pave the way to an eventual apology,’ he said.

Speculation has it that Erdogan will run for president in August.

August’s election will be the first popular vote for the presidency.
Until now, the president has been chosen by parliament and played a
largely ceremonial role.

Erdogan has said that will give it more authority, and has vowed to
exercise its full powers if elected.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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