The General keeps lions and bears, too. (Video)

The General keeps lions and bears, too. (Video)

April 7 2014

Recently, visited General Manvel Grigoryan’s detached house,
and saw that in addition to the security officers, his detached house
is watched by a tiger, whose teeth, however, are removed.
inquired from one of General’s close friends, the Head of Shirak Marz
YVU office Yuri Aleksanyan, how he can take the risk to make frequent
visits to General Manvel’s detached house, and why he keeps a tiger on
a leash in front of his detached house, whether it is a demonstration
of strength, or he simply likes animals and is spending huge amount of
money to keep them. Our interlocutor described the information a
fiction that General’s tiger is kept on a leash in front of his
detached house. “The General has tigers, but in special places, in the
cages, too far from the house,” said Yura Aleksanyan. To our
observation that the journalist had personally visited General’s house
with foreign guests, moreover, the journalist had taken photos of
everything, our interlocutor responded as follows, “If they had seen
the dog at the door and had replaced the dog by a tiger, they had
expressed their opinions. I know one thing that the commander does not
leave the tiger out, he realizes very well what could happen if he
releases the tigers free, therefore he is keeping them in appropriate
places for tigers.” According to the Head Shirak Marz YVU office,
Manvel Grigoryan also has bears, lions, and birds, which, however, are
kept away from the house, in the zoo. “Imagine that the General has
all kinds of animals, but they are kept in appropriate places and
comply with safety regulations.” As said by Yura Aleksanyan, General
Manvel has demonstrated his strength on the battlefield, the Turks
were running away on hearing his name, he has nothing to surprise
anyone by keeping animals, he just enjoys having them. The details in
the video.


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