Karen Andreasyan: Ombudsman’s Office’s 40 Lawyers Can’T Interpret Co


Tuesday 8 April 2014 13:31
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Ombudsman of Armenia Karen Andreasyan

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Ombudsman of Armenia Karen Andreasyan said today
that he has difficulty interpreting the Constitutional Court’s decision
on accumulative pension system.

“I can hardly figure out whether the accumulative pension system
is mandatory for me or not, either. As a lawyer and one having 40
lawyers in the Office, we are not able to interpret the 6th and 7th
provisions of the final part of the Consitutional Court’s decision
and the current discrepancy”, stated Andreasyan.

44 out of 150 system issues mentioned in the Ombudsman’s report
made last year were fully addressed, he said today. According to
the Ombudsman, the most errors were registered in the Prosecutor’s
Office, judicial systems and sector of protection of economic rights
(SRC and CPEC).

The Ombudsman also said that the government approved the Human
Rights National Program on February 27 and the majority of the 109
proposals contained in the document were accepted. According to him
if the program is put into practice 180 system issues mentioned in
the report will be addressed.

Touching upon the incident of violence against a citizen by associates
of the Ministry of Justice, Karen Andreasyan said that his data were
submitted to the Ministry of Justice and Criminal Service of Armenia.

“Even if there is a breach of ethics or law in the actions of the
person, not a single official has the right to behave like this. We
hope it will serve an example for all the officials who like acting
with violence”, said Karen Andreasyan.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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Emil Lazarian

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