Armenian Government Must Collaborate With Civil Society – Opinion


16:38 * 08.04.14

The Armenian government does not seem very much interested in involving
the civil society’s potential in its work, according to David Amiryan,
a deputy director of the Civil Society Foundations – Armenia.

Introducing the outcomes of the mission’s country project on Tuesday,
Amiryan said he thinks that the Government must make its activities
more transparent with the help of civil society representatives.

“The civil society is trying – with the help of different organizations
– to have its participation in the open governance process, but the
results we have are not reassuring, to say the least,” he noted.

Amiryan attributed the problem to the differing perceptions of the
society’s values by the government, and the civil society.

“The accessibility of information is a value. But I, as a citizen,
should not have to apply to the government to receive information, it
has to provide me with that information to make it not only accessible
but also transparent,” he added.

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