Twiter Vice President To Visit Armenia


12:06 07.04.2014

Tumo board member and Twitter Vice President Raffi Krikorian will visit
Armenia on April 12 at the invitation of Tumo. During his week-long
visit, Krikorian will lead two computer programming workshops, give
a public lecture, and meet with representatives of the Armenian IT
community and government.

Krikorian and his teams manage the core infrastructure of Twitter,
including its databases, server clusters, and software libraries.

Prior to Twitter, Krikorian, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, co-founded the personal energy management platform
WattzOn, ran a consulting company, and taught at the New York
University Interactive Telecommunications Program.

>From April 14 to 17 Krikorian will lead an advanced programming
workshop open to university students and recent graduates, focusing on
the Twitter API, and an intermediate level workshop for Tumo students
on good coding practices.

On April 18, Krikorian will give a public lecture on Software
Development Management titled “The things that turn out to matter”
about lessons learned while running engineering at Twitter.

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