Vahagn Khachatryan. "We May Wake Up Tomorrow And See That Serzh Has


April 4 2014

To the question of of whether Tigran Sargsyan’s resignation
was expected to him, the ANC member, economist Vahagn Khachatryan
replied, “It was expected every moment, both his and Serzh Sargsyan’s
resignation… Under these conditions created in the country, under
this situation when there is no government in Armenia, everything is
expected. And this condition is not the first day, not the first year.

Generally, there are no authorities. Republican Party with its leaders,
Prime Minister and Serzh Sargsyan, they are not already presenting
the citizens of Armenia, since being elected, to be precise, since
not being elected. So, this resignation could not be a surprise,
we may expect any time that it is more likely that when we wake up
tomorrow and see that Serzh has resigned, the next day we wake up and
see that all Republicans have resigned.” To our observation that it
is known that the authorities are “clutched at their chairs”, Vahagn
Khachatryan responded, “Never mind, never mind… everyone is stuck,
but they do not feel when they are losing this power.

Yanukovich was also clutched, you saw what happened… The greatest
danger for the power lies in the fact that they are cut off from
reality and lose the sense of reality. And they are definitely cut
off the reality, when you explain them that people are bad off,
they do not imagine. When they are presented that people are not
talking about the price of gas, it is not true. Aren’t they aware of
what is going on? All of us, you, me, and everybody, at least once
a day, are touching upon the issues of gas price or electricity in
our everyday conversations. We talk about the pension, decrease in
the level of life with our friends and relatives who are living in
abroad… Today’s government cannot solve these problems, they are
unable. Among all of these, it would be more correct if Serzh Sargsyan
also resigns, and the Republic of Armenia would really have the chance
to see the changes. We’ll wait for it.” To our next question that
the opposition was going to demand the government’s resignation,
but the government resigned itself, now what the next step will
be, V. Khachatryan replied, “They rushed ahead of the opposition,
because they also realized that… I repeat, everyone knew very well,
the representatives of authorities are well aware of us about the
grave situation, that we are in deep political, economic, and social
crisis. And the only way out of the situation is the change of power,
the change of this whole political system. When the government does
not serve the people, when the people have became slaves in the hands
of this government, this government can no longer survive and remain
as such. Now we will think what to do, there is no problem.”


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