Vahagn Chakhalyan: Saakashvili Makes Unresponsible Announcements


Today – 19:02 26/3/14

Georgian former President Mikhail Saakashvili had a large interview
with Georgian “Rustavi 2” TV channel on March 25. During his interview
he spoke about the last amnesty in Georgia and said that “…as a
result of it murderers and chakhalyans were set free and we see what
now they do in Javakhk”. spoke with Vahagn Chakhalyan about
the latest interview of Georgian former President.

Answering to the question why Saakashvili does not miss any opportunity
to offend Vahagn Chakhalyan and what makes him act so, Chakhalyan
said: “Unfortunately, Georgian former President can’t help himself
from making unresponsible expressions either before or now.

And he again has made unresponsible announcements. He presents me as
murderer, robber and criminal but at the same time he forgets that my
case is still under examination and nothing is proved. My case now is
under European Court examination and this mean that many violations
have been done. So nothing proves that I was guilty. This means, that
Saakashvili does not have any right to announce such things about me.

This is the legal part of teh issue”.

Chakhalyan added that Saakashvili spoke about his “crimes” even without
examining the case. “Saakashvili accused me in various crimes, and
again made unresponsible announcements”.

In the end of his speech Chakhalyan gave a rhetorical question to
Saakashvili. “Saakashvili said yesterday “Do you see what happens in
Javakhk now?” And now I want to ask: What does happen in Javakhk?

Javakhk is now as stabilized as never. And his supporters aim to
violate this stability”.

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