Opposition MP on Sale of Vorotan Hydro Plant and Lessons in Speaking

Opposition MP on Sale of Vorotan Hydro Plant and Lessons in Speaking Armenian

02.06.2014 17:21 epress.am

Armenian government resorted to a play on words to sell the Vorotan
hydro plants without debate in parliament: the hydroelectric power
plants were worded as “property” so that it would be formulated as the
Vorotan Cascade of Hydroelectric Power Plants CJSC was selling its
property, said secretary of the Armenian National Congress faction
Aram Manukyan in parliament today.

The opposition MP remarked that responding to this question during the
question and answer period in parliament yesterday, ministers Hrayr
Tovmasyan and Armen Movsisyan gave contradictory answers: the former
said the CJSC carried out the transaction, while the latter said the
government considered it expedient to sell the hydroelectric power
plants. Manukyan advised the government representatives to agree in
advance what they will say in the National Assembly.

In addition, Manukyan also gave advice to MPs on the correct use of
the Armenian language in parliament, urging his colleagues not to
address one another with their patronymics in Russian, such as “Robert
Nikolayevich” but instead say, “Mr. Nazaryan.”Citing a number of
errors of speech, Manukyan concluded that the language issue is a
state matter.