Armenia Imports Carrots From Iran And Tangerines From Pakistan


Fresh Plaza, Netherlands
Jan 28 2014

Although it is said that Armenia is an agricultural country, it
imports much more fruits and vegetables than it exports. The reason
behind this is the climate. It is not possible to grow many citrus
fruits in Armenia, however, this is not the case with products such
as apples and carrots.

Other countries, faced with the same conditions, quite often place
certain restrictions on imports. Turkey, for example, places high
tariffs on fruit imports. Iran has basically banned all such imports.

Armenia is one of the only countries where domestic agriculture
is undefended.

Iran is a major supplier, exporting tomatoes, cucumbers, onions,
citrus fruits and even carrots to Armenia. The amount of onions Iran
exported to Armenia was 300 tons.

Coming in second place as a supplier is Georgia, mostly due to its
citrus crops. 143 tons of tangerines were exported to Armenia from
Armenia’s neighbor to the north. Interestingly enough, 100 tons were
also imported from Pakistan.

During December watermelon and cantaloupe were imported from Brazil,
pears and apples from the U.S., strawberries from Holland, and peppers
from Spain.

During the same month, only potatoes, grapes and tarragon was exported
by Armenia. Notable is that Armenia exported ten times more potatoes
this year than the previous year.

500,000 people are engaged in Armenia’s agricultural sector, or about
45% of the total workforce.

From: A. Papazian

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