This rally is guided by the unity – Heritage party MP

This rally is guided by the unity – Heritage party MP

15:30 / 18.01.2014

MP from the Heritage party Ruben Hakobyan speaking at a rally today
said that for the first time in the history Armenian National Assembly
factions joined the agenda formed by the civic initiatives.

`I am sure that for making radical reforms in the state it is
necessary for our public and political forces who are against the
policy conducted by the authorities join,’ he stressed, adding that
some are trying to understand who these rally is being guided by and
tie it with some forces so that it fails. `I will say yes, this really
is being guided, it is guided by the absolute unity of the people,’
Hakobyan said.

He once again stressed that the law on mandatory pension funds is
anti-constitutional. `If the system is introduced, every year 50
billion will be gathered in the funds which will be taken out of
Armenia, no jobs will be created, the social issues will not be
solved, the money will not promote the development of small and
medium-sized business. As far as the authorities do not realize that
the people are in bad condition, we are to do the change,’ Hakobyan

Speaking at the rally Prosperous Armenia party secretary Naira
Zohrabyan stressed that the adopted law stems from the interests of
the regime which needs additional money like air. `That is why one of
the representatives of the authorities clearly stated that they are
not interested whether you believe that you will get the some or not,
currently money is necessary and you all have to make your investment.
Today the Constitutional Court has the last chance to prove that it
does not serve the regime but the Armenian Constitution and citizen.
We think that it is impossible to continue in this way. It is the
launch of our joint fight and we can win it only together,’ Zohrabyan

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