Armenian Government’s Greenhouse Development Plan Ignores Beneficiar


20:59 ~U 26.12.13

The Armenian Government’s decision to boost the greenhouse industries
in rural areas does not appear to meet direct beneficiaries’ interests.

Gevorg Poghosyan, the director of the Armenian Greenhouse Association,
says none of his development proposals submitted to the Government
has received approval so far.

Speaking to, Poghosyan complained that even a proposal for
lowering the natural gas consumption prices hasn’t been met.

“They could have at least reduced the limit to 5,000 [cubic meters
instead of 10,000],” he said.

Armenia’s major natural gas supplier, Hayrusgazard, offers privileged
terms to companies consuming 10,000 cubic meters of gas. It charges
a lower price from them instead of the established tariff of $156
per 1,000 cubic meters.

Another proposal, Poghosyan said, was to introduce the technologies
of an Israeli company which ensures high yield, using 30% less
natural gas.

“They want the Government’s guarantee, but our Government will not
ever offer support to anything of the kind,” he said.

The Association’s director complained that the Government demands a
32% tax from companies wishing to introduce the technology.

Besides, Poghosyan said, the Government has rejected a proposal for
granting greenhouses a first-class consumer status.

He said tomato, cucumber and pepper appear to be the most common
greenhouse products in Armenia, adding that there are no economic
pre-requisites for growing other greenhouse cultures.

Poghosyan added that this year’s higher natural gas tariffs also
affected the greenhouses, which grew 300 million less seeds compared
to the previous years.

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From: A. Papazian

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