Women Karabakh War Veterans ‘Bury’ Serzh Sargsyan – Video


12.13.2013 02:15 epress.am

Police on Thursday tried to detain Karabakh War veteran Susanna
Margaryan, who threw a photo of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan on
the ground and trampled it with her feet across the street from the
president’s palace.

Karabakh War veterans held another protest today at Liberty Square,
then marched to the president’s office at Baghramyan 26 to “hold a
funeral for Serzh [Sargsyan].”

Speaking to Epress.am, Margaryan said that for female war veterans
and Armenian mothers, Serzh Sargsyan is dead, and so they organized a
funeral procession, during which they urged passers-by to join them to
“take wreaths to Baghramyan 26.”

The female war veterans stressed they won’t let the authorities rest;
moreover, they won’t rest until they bury the last ruler.

The conduct of police officers across the street from the presidential
palace drew the ire of the women; in particular, one officer wagged
his finger at them and threatened to take them to the police station.

“No one has the right to wag their finger at the people. I know
that finger […] Don’t you dare talk to people with that finger,”
said Margaryan.

March participant, war veteran Arevhat Martirosyan, in turn, said that
till today no one has spoken with her by shaking their finger. “As a
war veteran and mother of a deceased person, I am defending my rights
today. Serzh is sitting there, enjoying it, while I cannot feed the
children of my dead son. Shame on such a president, the ground should
swallow him up,” she said.

War veterans later returned to Liberty Square and promised to return
to Baghramyan 26 for new and unexpected demonstrations.


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