Russian Flag Burnt In Georgian Port City


12:45 ~U 05.11.13

Representatives of the Georgian National Movement party have ripped
down and burnt the Russian flag in the main avenue of the port city
of Poti, InterPressNews reported.

The head of the party’s local office, Vakhtang Dartsmelidze, has
told a correspondent of the Georgian website that the protest had
attracted absolutely apolitical people.

“Absolutely apolitical people protested against the fact. It is
condemnable, of course that after five years, the flag of the country
that moved with tanks here and bombed the sleeping city, is hoisted
here”, he was quoted as saying.

“I am not member of any party, I’m not interested in politics at all,
but when I saw this flag, I remembered the events five years ago, and
the emptied streets of Poti, the dead and injured innocent civilians,”
a protester has told InterPressNews.

Poti Mayor Davit Sarsania has explained that the Russian flag was
hoisted along with the flags of 17 counties in the frameworks of an
international musical festival that sparked protests on the social

“As I have found out, Russia was not invited to this festival, but
they expressed a desire to take part in it. The local self-government
did not take part the festival’s arrangement. I have already issued
the order. so all the flags will be taken down in the coming hour “,
Sarsania said.

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