Rustamyan Is Sorry For Postanjyan


October 24 2013

“I am sorry that there is a field that may suffer due to Zaruhi’s
absence in the composition of the PACE Armenian delegation. Zaruhi
was really conducting this field unsurpassed,” said head of ARF
faction, member of the PACE Armenian delegation Armen Rustamyan,
today, at the parliament, in the interview with the journalists. To
remind you that, today, according to the new procedure of formation
of international delegations approved by the Speaker of the National
Assembly, “Heritage” was left out from the composition of the PACE
Armenian delegation. Rule of Law is going to replace in the staff of
the delegation. To the question of as to what particular
field the matter is about, Armen Rustamyan said that the Armenian
delegation has a problem to come up with statements in the PACE,
making recommendations for the adoption of different resolutions,
which assumes conducting a petition, “The petition is not easy to
conduct in the Council of Europe, especially when it is necessary
for the issues of our national interests. In such cases, Zaruhi,
indeed, is working better than others. During such cases, you should
also work with other MPs, who have not worked with us on friendly
relations.” To the next question of whether any MP can
replace Zaruhi Postanjyan, Armen Rustamyan said that so far there has
not been any. As to what will happen in the future, he does not know,
“Tomorrow, everyone may be activated and the petition may reach 80-90
percent, to which I very much doubt, but who knows what will happen
tomorrow.” Armen Rustamyan said that the changes mainly took place in
the composition of PACE Armenian delegation. Based on the operating
regulations, the Speaker of the National Assembly restructured the
delegations. This process resulted in a significant change in the PACE
delegation. As far as review of all delegations is made, it would
be unfair if in the result of distribution of these delegations,
“Heritage” would suffer. He said that the right to formation of a
delegation is entitled to the Speaker of the National Assembly. The
Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly defines that the delegation
is formed by the Speaker of the National Assembly in consultation with
the parties. Consultation is a format not having any opportunity to
influence on the decision decisively, and it presumes that ultimately
the Speaker of the National Assembly decides. PACE legislation enables
for the Speaker of the National Assembly to form delegation.

Nelly Grigoryan

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