What Happened At Surik Khachatryan’s House

What Happened At Surik Khachatryan’s House

Jfhr.am has published the full video of the murder near the house of
the ex-governor of Syunik Surik Khachatryan. After the incident Surik
Khachatryan’s supporters circulated a video taken by surveillance
cameras of the house which only caused more questions because it did
not present the full picture. Now the full video with audio has become

Before watching the video it is important to know what happened
between the incident and the party near Goris in which some officials
were participating, including Avetik Budaghyan.

After the party Avetik Budaghyan returned to Goris in Surik
Khachatryan’s car. According to the story of the investigators, while
Surik Khachatryan was sleeping in the car, Avetik Budaghyan had a
fight with the governor’s bodyguard Zarzand inside the car and the
latter hit him twice. Artak Alumyan, Avetik Budaghyan’s successor’s
advocate says it is absurd because it is incredible that two people
have a fight inside a car while the third person is sleeping.
According to him, the fact is that Surik Khachatryan hit Avetik
Budaghyan inside the car, evidence to which is that the brothers,
according to the files, swore at Surik Khachatryan.

Avetik Budaghyan went home where Artak was preparing to leave for
Karabakh, which is laid down in the files. Avetik entered when the
family was having differ, say down at the table, and Artak noticed
that his brother was in a bad mood. Artak’s wife later stated that he
had never seen Avetik in such a bad mood. Artak tried to find out what
had happened, and Avetik tells him about the incident in Surik
Khachatryan’s car.

Surik Khachatryan told Avetik inside the car who the hell he is to
meet guests visiting Syunik, he is the governor of Syunik and from
then everything was going to be different, and he is going to take
half of his business. This is known from the testimonies of Artak and
Emil Budaghyans. Artak was indignant and said they must get an
explanation and put him in his right place while Avetik tells Artak
not to interfere.

Artak was offended but told his brother to come to Karabakh in case he
wants to talk to him about it. He leaves home. Avetik starts calling
his brother but the latter does not pick up.

Avetik starts worrying that his brother went to Surik Khachatryan’s
place and he immediately gets into the car and drives there but Artak
was not there. In the video Avetik drives up to the house and sees
that his brother is not there and turns to leave when Surik
Khachatryan’s people come up to the car and start hustling him.

In the meantime, Artak was driving to Karabakh down the road passing
by Surik Khachatryan’s house when he saw his brother’s car. He
immediately turned back to Surik Khachatryan’s house.

One can see in the video that Artak appears at the moment when they
were hustling Avetik. Avetik is able to get away with one of them and
closes the way of Avetik’s car. The same people go up to Avetik and
start hitting Avetik. Then three of them move to Artak’s car. It lasts
for seconds.

`There was a double-barrel gun in Artak’s car which was not assembled
and without bullets, which has been proved by investigation. If Artak
had intended to attack, he would have brought along a gun, a serious
one. Artak grabs the gun to keep those people away from him. One can
see in the video that five men run away, two women stay. One of them
was Khachatryan’s wife,’ Alumyan tells.

Avetik left the car and together with those two women tried to
persuade Artak to leave the place. Afterwards men return to the cars.

When everything was over, and both women were returning from Artak,
Tigran Khachatryan hid behind one of the cars with a gun and shot
three time in the direction of the brothers.

`In fact, the incident had been settled, and Artak was calm, he did
not present any danger. Self-defense is considered when a person
directly presents danger at the moment,’ Haik Alumyan comments.

One of the three shots hit Artak, the other two hit Avetik who was
trying to bring them apart. `He did not even get off the car before
that, and no threat came from him. As soon as Avetik saw that the
brother did not stand up after the shots, and he was injured, he
produced his gun and ran towards the shooters. Shooting at him
continued, even when he already fell to the ground. The last shots
were made when he had fallen down, the traces are on the tarmac. So
what self-defense could there be?’ the advocate asks.

All in all, 13 shots were fired. The first three shots were made by
Tigran Khachatryan. The Khachatryans shot 11 times, and the Budaghyans
shot 2 times.

`The investigators claim that only two people shot, Zarzand and
Tigran. The investigators are lying. First, my defendant Artak
Budaghyan says that he noticed shooting from above. It should have
been checked and studied thoroughly. I can prove that someone shot
from above. Upstairs in the house was Surik Khachatryan. First, one
can see in the video that the bullet hits the ground and spikes come
from the tarmac. Spikes fly up if they shoot vertically,’ Advocate
Alumyan says. `They decided to look for the traces two-three months
later so they could not find them, of course,’ he says. Avetik
Budaghyan’s most severe injury was the bullet in his abdomen, the
direction was downward.

`There are two possible options. Either the shot came from above when
Artak was still standing, in which case they must find the one who
shot from above, or Artak was lying on the ground when they shot. If
Artak was lying, no self-defense can be considered,’ the advocate

The last shot differs from the others by its sound and power. `In
order to cover up this fact, experts suggested that such sound could
be produced by two simultaneous shots. Then where is the 14th bullet?
If you listen, you will not doubt that there was only one shot, and it
was close to the recording equipment and therefore its sound differs
from that of the others,’ the advocate said, concluding that a third
person shot, most probably from the house, and at that time Surik
Khachatryan was inside the house.

18:42 19/10/2013
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