Hraparak: Russia Will Recognize Karabakh’s Independence


13:10 11/10/2013 ” DAILY PRESS

There is great probability that what did not happen in case of Armenia
and Karabakh will take place in case of Moldova and Transnistria.

Although Armenian authorities claim that there has been no pressure
from Russia in the issue of joining the Customs Union, Hraparak’s
sources say that Russia said the same thing in relation to both
Transnistria and Karabakh.

According to the paper, Russia openly shows that it intends to
recognize the independence of Transnistria just as it recognized the
independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

“Armenia was told clearly that Russia will recognize the independence
of Karabakh, make Karabakh part of the Customs Union and establish
a customs terminal between the “European Armenia” and Customs Union
member Karabakh,” the paper says.

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