Armenia Demonstrates Its Modern Warfare Amid Commander Drills


21:33, 8 October, 2013

ARMAVIR, OCTOBER 8, ARMENPRESS: Armenia demonstrated its modern warfare
during the commander and staff exercises “Reaction-2013”. As Armenpress
reports, operative-tactic missiles SCUD and 8K14-1, antiaircraft
missile systems C300, “OCA” complexes, “Krunk”, “Baze” and other
drones, radiolocation systems and weapons of Armenian production were
presented. The representatives of the Armenian government followed
the mass military exercises from a vantage ground.

During “Reaction-2013” commander and staff exercises a special scene
was planned and played out where the decisions were to be made in
extraordinary tense situation.

The steps were meant to push back the enemy’s aggression and
plan counter-strike scenarios. The steps of the government bodies
and agencies in these situations were planned. The normative acts
needed for the transfer of the government system to the higher alert
situation were clarified. “Reaction – 2013” strategic commander and
staff exercises were held in “Baghramyan” Military Centre target
to enhance the level of coordination of work of the governmental
and military administrative bodies in case of possible aggravation
of military-political situation and implementing new and efficient
methods in the system.

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