MFA’s Door Awaiting Nalbandyan’S Door


Edward Nalbandyan acting as the foreign minister of Armenia now and
earlier as ambassador to France continues official Yerevan’s endeavor
to persuade the countries of the EU after the official decision to
join the Customs Union. He visited Poland.

Armenian government’s efforts to persuade the EU are producing fruits.

The EU got convinced of the insanity of the Armenian government.

Hence, the minister of foreign affairs Edward Nalbandyan can consider
his diplomatic mission end successfully and he can say goodbye to his
office, kiss the door of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leave
like the ex-prosecutor general Aghvan Hovsepyan did.

Europe has repeated for months that it is not against the deepening
of Armenian-Russian relations, even ready to help Armenia and seeing
opportunities for it but Armenia cannot sign the Association Agreement
in case it joins the Customs Union because it is a casus. For example,
Messi or Gareth Bale cannot play in more than one club, even though the
football clubs are crazy about them because it is legally impossible.

Catherine Ashton, Stefan Fule, their spokesmen, experts, other
officials, diplomats, as well as the president of Poland explained
this simple thing of legal incompatibility to the Armenian government.

They also explained thoroughly and, most probably, also behind the
stage, that the Association Agreement cannot be separated from its
main component, the Free Trade Area, because Armenia might be used
to moral defeats, victories and agreements but Europe and global
politics are based on specific content.

And without free trade the agreement has no content. Nevertheless,
Armenia continued to negotiate the agreement and repeated that it
will pre-sign the agreement in Vilnius without uttering a word that
only in case it does not prejudice its relations with the Customs
Union or Russia.

And now what Nalbandyan states in Warsaw is hard to explain by the
presumption of common sense.

James Hakobyan 14:41 18/09/2013 Story from News:

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