Karabakh President Attends Ceremony Of Opening A Newly-Built Cathedr


16:02, 17 September, 2013

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 17, ARMENPRESS. On 17 September Artsakh Republic
President Bako Sahakyan together with President Serzh Sargsyan of
Armenia took part in a solemn ceremony of opening a newly-built
St. Transfiguration cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church
in Moscow.

The Central Information Department of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic
President’s Office informed “Armenpress” that Bako Sahakyan considered
important the existence of such a religious complex in the capital
of Russia for spiritual up-bringing, maintaining national identity,
and providing national education, adding that it also symbolized the
unity of our people and unshakable ties with the historical homeland.

Catholicos of All Armenians His Holiness Garegin II, Patriarch Kirill
of Moscow and All Russia, officials from Armenian, Artsakh and Russia,
hierarchs of the Armenian Apostolic Church and numerous representatives
of the Russian-Armenian community took part in the event.

The magnificent Diocesan Cathedral Complex of the Armenian Diocese
of New Nakhijevan and Russia is situated at the crossroads of Olympic
and Trifonova streets, and covers 1.32 acres of space and includes the
Diocesan Cathedral, the Holy Cross Church; the Diocesan headquarters
building, and additional educational-cultural and administrative
buildings. It also houses a treasury house and events auditorium.

The building project of the Diocesan Cathedral and complex, which
stands at a height of 50 meters, started in 2004 and the construction
process began in 2006 through the sponsorship of faithful Armenians
in Russia. The architect of the building is Artak Ghulyan and the
chief builder is Hovhannes Meyroyan.

Engraved on the tetra- altared dome of the Cathedral are crosses
devoted to the remembrance of the 72 Disciples of Christ. The Cathedral
and the whole church complex give the visitors an idea of Armenian
architecture with its angles, various ornaments and crosses, and the
bas-reliefs adorning the Cathedral presenting different instances
of the history of the Armenian people such as the invention of
the alphabet, adoption of Christianity, the struggle for the faith
and Homeland, etc. The upper portion of the Cathedral entrance is
adorned with a relief sculpture of Jesus Christ, on the left and right
sides the major sanctities of the Armenian Church are illustrated:
the Holy Lance; and the symbol of the Pontifical throne, the Right
of St. Gregory the Illuminator. The interior of the Cathedral is
embellished with unique frescoes depicting the saints of the Bible
and the Armenian Church.

Inside the two open altar alcoves of the Holy Cross Church are the
inscribed memorials devoted to Armenian writing and faith. Within
the grounds of the complex there is also a plaque commemorating the
friendly relations between the Armenian and Russian people.


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