Settling political matters through murder accepted practice in Turke

Settling political matters through murder is accepted practice in
Turkey – Armenian analyst

September 14, 2013 | 13:40

YEREVAN. – The Turks were aware that Hrant Dink’s restraint was lot
more dangerous than the most fanatical extremism, and therefore they
decided to eliminate him.

Analyst Haykazun Alvrtsyan noted the aforesaid during a press
conference on Saturday, and he added that this is the modus operandi
of the Turks.

`We all know who really ordered the murder of Hrant Dink [the founder
and chief editor of Istanbul’s Agos Armenian bilingual weekly, who was
gunned down in 2007 in front of his office building],’ he noted.

In Alvrtsyan’s words, it is not solely the army which has power and
leverage in Turkey, and all power structures are actually in the hands
of the state itself.

`The internal and the external system of governance in Turkey is quite
different. It is not a secret that Dink was killed by the order of the
state structure, [and] with the help of the secret services. But it is
early to make any predictions,’ he stated.

Haykazun Alvrtsyan stressed that settling political matters through
murder is an accepted practice in Turkey, ever since the first day of
the founding of the Turkish state.

From: Baghdasarian