Armenia decreases wheat import and increases its production

Armenia decreases wheat import and increases its production

11:53, 14 September, 2013

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 14, ARMENPRESS: The volume of wheat imported to the
Republic of Armenia in the first half of this year has decreased
around 3.3 times compared with the same period of the previous year
becoming 62 596.1 tons. According to data of State Revenue Committee
in the first six months of previous year to our country were imported
206 439 tons of wheat and during the whole year 477 681 tons. At the
same time according to data of National Statistics Service village
economies sold one kilo of wheat in average 182-209 AMD. The wheat
imported to our country during the first six months of 2013 was
brought from Russia (54 833.1) tons and from Ukraine (7762.5) tons.
`Armenpress’ reports that this year Armenia has not exported wheat.

The internal demand on wheat in the Republic of Armenia is annually
700 000 tons. During the last years the volumes of wheat gross harvest
show growing trend. In 2010 there were 183 500 tons of wheat harvest,
in 2011 – 224 100 tons, I 2012 – 243 000. In current year is expected
around 305 000 – 310 000 tons of wheat harvest which will exceed the
previous year result by almost 25 percent. According to international
standards food independence is considered secured when 70-75 percent
of the most necessary food is secured due to own production. It means
that in order to be self-sufficient in part of wheat Armenia should
increase wheat production up to 500 00 tons.

In Artsakh republic the gross harvest of crops showed positive trend.
For many times has been announced about Artsakh’s still unused
opportunities to grow corns.

SO in case of maintenance of existing trend of wheat harvest volume in
the Republic of Armenia and using Artsakh’s opportunities for growing
corns, two Armenians states during coming years will solve the issue
of strategic importance and will have self-sufficiency in part of

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