2014 Will Be Fatal For Putin

2014 Will Be Fatal For Putin

The SCO member states have called Russia to assume responsibility for
the region after the withdrawal of the American forces from
Afghanistan. Russia would happily refuse but cannot. Russia
understands that if Afghanistan shifts to Central Asia, not only the
post-Soviet empire but also Russia will fall apart. But Russia will
hardly afford to assume such responsibility.

Moscow will be mobilizing actively to fight terrorism and drugs from
Afghanistan. CSTO could be helpful but the Kremlin understands that
Armenia will hardly agree to send its soldiers to Afghanistan.

The global press forecasts that 2014 will be a fatal year for Putin
not only due to Afghanistan but also Sochi 2014 which turned a
nightmare. Putin is growing marginal, and now only a group of odious
people – Mizulina, Glazev, Kadyrov – are left beside him who are not
ashamed of expressing absurd ideas.

Russia’s isolation is growing, and the last act of isolation was
Armenia whose president was forced to announce to join the Customs
Union. What Russia listed as a victory was rather the last lock on the
iron curtain. The act of enforcement on September 3 shifted the latent
fight to the battlefield, and now Russia has to defend itself
desperately. It will be enough for Armenia to follow the battle.

Russia will not be able to fight on several fronts. Now all the
efforts are directed at Syria. Moreover, the Russian press did not
call the U.S. consent to postpone shelling a Russian victory. Nobody
knows what will be next, and the United States has already stated that
Putin’s reputation is at stake.

Putin’s letter to the New York Time was the final blow to Russia’s
reputation. The president of the huge country is begging the president
of another country to treat him equal. As if he feels that he is not
treated equal.

Naira Hayrumyan
14:44 14/09/2013
Story from Lragir.am News:


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