Global Law Crisis Prevents Solution Of Karabakh Conflict -Azeri Offi


Interfax, Russia
Sept 2 2013

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The current global crisis in the sphere of law is preventing a solution
for the Armenian-Azeri and Nagorny Karabakh conflicts, Novruz Mamedov,
deputy head of the Azeri presidential administration, said.

“There is currently an international law crisis going on in the world,
a crisis of justice, but we have to say with regret that no one is
taking any steps to recognize this fact. Probably, there are some
reasons for that,” Mamedov said at the second forum of the association
of experts on international relations called Southern Caucasus in a
Changing World held in Baku on Monday.

Mamedov said he regrets that no results have been achieved in finding
a peaceful solution to the Armenian-Azeri conflict, despite the
negotiations involving the OSCE Minsk group, which have been going
on for more than twenty years.

“Despite the fact that the Nagorny Karabakh conflict remains unresolved
and 20% of Azerbaijan’s territory has been occupied for over twenty
years, which is a fact that no one doubts, we still don’t see a fair
attitude of the international community to this issue.

Azerbaijan became a member of the UN many years ago, but we still have
to make a lot of effort to draw the attention of the world community
to the need to resolve the Karabakh problem,” Mamedov said.

Mamedov said Azerbaijan is successfully working with the Council
of Europe, the European Union, and NATO. “However, despite our
successful cooperation with these authoritative organizations, we
don’t understand why they now don’t want to recognize or pretend to
have forgotten about the resolutions and decisions on the occupied
territories of Azerbaijan five years ago,” Mamedov said.

As a result, Azerbaijan is having to make a lot of effort to keep
the international community focused on this issue.

“It can’t be understood. It’s a demonstration of a crisis of
international law. It’s very bad for everyone, not only Azerbaijan.

This international law crisis is causing and increasing tensions
between big states. That was what happened before WWI and WWII,”
Mamedov said.

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