Armenian Ombudsman: It Is Already Time For Law-Enforcers To Tackle I


by Ashot Safaryan

Tuesday, September 3, 13:20

It is the law enforcers, not the ministries or the Municipality that
should tackle the problem of the Indoor Market in Yerevan, says the
statement of Karen Andreasyan, Human Rights Defender of Armenia.

He says that the ongoing construction in the area of the Indoor Market
is illegal and this has repeatedly been stated by the Ministry of
Urban Development, Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Yerevan.

Andreasyan says that according to the latest statement of the Yerevan
Municipality, the director of “Yerevan Market No.1” LLC was informed
of the need to remove the illegal structures in the market area in
Mashtots Avenue. However, the demands of the Municipality have not
been satisfied and the illegal construction has been completed.

“In this context, the position of the law enforcers is not clear. The
Criminal Code of Armenia provides for criminal responsibility both
for the failure to stop the illegal construction by an individual or a
legal entity following imposition of a double administrative penalty
and for the relevant officials’ failure to stop the unauthorized
construction of the buildings. The law enforcers have refused to
institute a criminal case in relation to both the specified cases
and the cases of demolition of the historical and cultural monuments.

However, the reasonableness of these decisions will be put in issue”,
says Andreasyan.

To recall, despite the vehement public protests, the construction in
the area of the Indoor Market is still going on. According to media
reports, the Indoor Market has turned from a historical monument into
an ordinary supermarket and will open on September 15. The owner of
the Indoor Market is oligarch- parliamentarian Samvel Alexanyan.

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