Haykakan Zhamanak: Attempts Made To Hush Up Financial Pyramid Case’


[ Part 2.2: “Attached Text” ]

Thursday,August 29

‘Haykakan Zhamanak’ says that to all appearances, attempts are
being made to hush up the criminal case relating to the creation
of a financial pyramid by high-ranking police officials. The scheme
members attracted by deception$2.5 million from citizens.

The daily was informed by the Special Investigation Service of Armenia
(SIS) that a person has been detained in connection with the criminal
case, but his name and details were not given.

According to the daily’s sources, a certain A.A. who was in fact
running the pyramid has been detained. He was also a coordinator of
the currency exchange outlet located in Moskvichka supermarket. The
newspaper was informed that SIS believes that the financial pyramid
embezzled only $25 thousand. Even the citizen who was the first to
file a complaint and who lost $50 thousand has not been recognized
as an aggrieved person.

“To all appearances, the detained man will pay $25 thousand to
repair the damage and the criminal case will be closed. The chief of
Yerevan police Nerses Nazarian was dismissed as part of the criminal
case. The chief of police of the city of Gyumri, Karen Babakekhian,
who was also questioned during the investigation, continues to work.

It is obvious that the case will be closed and no high-ranking
policeman will suffer severe punishment,” the paper writes.



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