Russian Landing In Karabakh


The Russian reporters and public personalities made some symptomatic
statements. In particular, the former governor of Kirov Sergey
Karnaukhov said his visit to the Republic of Artsakh aims to keep
Armenia and Karabakh away from encroachments by Azerbaijan and the
United States.

According to him, now unification of healthy forces of the society is
necessary both in Armenia and Russia to be able to tackle developments
proceeding according to the American scenario.

Apparently, Russia wants Karabakh to develop according to the Russian
scenario. The Abkhazians and Ossetians visiting Stepanakert from time
to time say that one would not say that Karabakh went through a bloody
war 20 years ago. Meanwhile, their countries proceeding along the
“Russian scenario” look like a theater of military actions.

Apparently, Putin toughly sets to deal with Karabakh. There is both
politics and economy there, and even beautiful girls. For example,
the deputy chairman of Support Russia NGO Paul Seagull stated that
his organization is going to make a plan of development of SMEs in NKR.

Moreover, Seagull talked to the NKR government about it.

The beautiful Russian reporters who have arrived in hospitable and
gallant Karabakh promised to stay and have children for the men
of Karabakh. “It’s not behind the mountains when Russian beautiful
brides will come to Artsakh to find their fiances and give birth to
a generation in the organic and morally clean land of Artsakh.” The
Russian reporters led by Anna Chapman are 23-25 years old. They are not
married. They are in love with Artsakh and they told
it would be good to stay here.

Only one step is left – to find out whether there are a lot of single
beauties in Karabakh who have always liked Russian romantic officers
and send a squadron of hussars to meet those needs who would also do
some peacekeeping.

The Russian delegation was met warmly in Stepanakert? Was it an
expression of traditional hospitality of Karabakh? Or does the Karabakh
government support the Russian scenario?

Is there agreement between the governments of Armenia and Karabakh over
“orientation”? This question is becoming topical. And if the Armenian
government of Karabakh considers the visit of the Russian delegation
as an attempt to drive a wedge between Armenia and Karabakh, it should
say so rather than play amicability.

Will Armenia receive the Russian delegation including so many odious
personalities at an equally high level as in Karabakh?

Naira Hayrumyan 17:37 28/08/2013 Story from News:

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