They continue to have a sense of fear from the dead Vazgen Sargsyan

`They continue to have a sense of fear from the dead Vazgen Sargsyan.’

August 25 2013

`Vazgen Sargsyan was giving an opportunity for people to work, but he
was drawing a borderline that should not be passed over. Vazgen
created a group around him, but the groups acted so that a lot of
people just left and went away. Andreassian left, Ter-Grigoryants
left,’- so expressed the hero of the Shushi and Artsakh war Arkady
Ter-Tadevosyan, Commandos, about Vazgen Sargsyan and his mistakes, in
the interview with `GALA’, recently. `Aravot’ talked to the former
First Deputy Defense Minister Andranik Kocharyan regarding the role of
Vazgen Sargsyan and his men gathered around him. – How does the belief
of Commandos meet the reality that the generals Norat Ter-Grigoryants
and Hrach Andreassyan have left just because of Vazgen Sargsyan? –
There was no military emigration during Vazgen Sargsyan’s period,
there was immigration. Vazgen Sargsyan succeeded to bring in a lot of
military servants from different place of Armenia, which had an
important role during the war, had a decisive role, had the
opportunities to be displayed, to participate in solution of key
issues for our country, i.e. to form an Armenian Army, and to reach
success through this regular structure, both in defense of Armenian
borders, and Artsakh. It was undeniable process that managed only
Vazgen Sargsyan. None of us could do it, and to forget what he did,
and humiliate is the biggest loss for further development of the
Armenian Army, today. Vazgen Sargsyan managed to mobilize all the
detachments and make it more manageable. Also after coming to power,
he managed to solve the issues of formation of the Ministry of Defense
in a short period of time. It is also a fact that is impossible to
ignore. The policy of MD personnel during Vazgen Sargsyan’s time, and
generally the then was implemented not only for making fidai
detachments more manageable, but also for the formation of a regular
army, and the involvement of a professional officer staff in the
establishment of the army was one of the most important basic
directions. At that time, not only Ter-Grigoryants, Andreassyan,
Ivanyan, Zinevich, Ghukasov, Khatchaturov, Harutyunyan, Abrahamyan
came to Armenia … everybody came, and they are so many: generals,
colonels, military personnel occupying once high positions in the
Soviet army, who came and had the opportunity to participate in the
forming the Armenian army. But the fact is that Andreassyan and
Ter-Grigoryants had left Armenia when Vazgen Sargsyan was not the
Defense Minister for a short time. Serzh Sargsyan at that time was
already the Minister of Defense. – Were there inconsistencies between
Norat Ter-Grigoryants and Vazgen Sargsyan? – I do not know of such
evidence that there were such disagreements with Vazgen Sargsyan that
could be a serious obstacle to further servicing of any military
servant, except for the inconsistencies that were obstacles in
establishment of the army. In other words, there were soldiers who had
done such deeds that Vazgen could never forgive. We all know that
Vazgen also had great skills to forgive. The strength of Vazgen was
not only making unmanageable manageable, but also give people a chance
to correct the mistakes. Therefore, a much larger number of people
gathered around him. There was no good or bad for Vazgen. Any person
involved in the war was a value for Vazgen. – Do you agree with the
Commandos that Vazgen Sargsyan is the person about whom it is
forbidden to speak now? I must say that what he did was right, no
matter how it is evident that he had done many wrong things. – I do
not understand why the topic about Vazgen Sargsyan is raised, and why
Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, the once hero general of Artsakh, has assumed
the speculation of this theme, imported by various forces. I do not
understand it. Everyone have made errors, and Vazgen Sargsyan would
have made his mistakes. But to speak today about the mistakes that
were made in the past, and not to talk about errors that are present
in different sectors of the state, including in the structures of the
army, it is not clear to me. Vazgen’s strength, in fact, continues to
worry certain people or systems, which, for some reason, continue to
keep a sense of fear from the dead Vazgen. – Vazgen Sargsyan, as per
Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, created such a group around him, which
destroyed him and then performed some theaters and brought Nairi
Hunanyan. Commandos told that Vazgen Sargsyan has done a favor to many
people, and also bad to many people, many people became rich due to
him, statues by his name were made. Was Vazgen Sargsyan really
surrounded by the kind of people and he had gathered such groupings
around him? – Huge masses were surrounded around Vazgen. Vazgen had
his circle of friends, he also had a circle of unfriends, but he was
the kind of person who was gathering vast layers in our country.
Vazgen can be compared only with the activities conducted by
Myasnikyan in the beginning of the century. The latter implemented the
most important issue for the state in the beginning of the century, in
the end of the century Vazgen solved a problem, within which all other
discussions are just senseless. Vazgen was the first Sparapet of
victorious army, and the foundations laid by him are so strong until
now that even after so much criticism our army is still a victorious
army. It was the trace left by Vazgen Sargsyan along with his
mistakes. The system, which was formed around Vazgen, was so powerful
that these errors did not dismantle the system, but despite these
errors, Vazgen Sargsyan continues to be the victorious sparapet.
Vazgen had suicide attackers. He found the most correct place to win
the war. Azerbaijan pays billions on arms, but it does not have
suicide attackers. But people were ready to die for Vazgen’s word.
Even 100 people, but Vazgen had those 100 people ready to die. Today,
no one has such a thing in Armenia to believe in him, who will gather
people around him ready to die. Vazgen’s power was just in this that
listening to him, people were going to die. Nobody was thinking about
making a heroic deed or building castle after it. There was no such
thing, therefore during Vazgen’s time the victory was viable. And it
should be remembered, and not to speak about Vazgen’s mistakes. We all
had made mistakes, also Vazgen. – Isn’t the said in the context that
as a minister of power he was known for his approaches to giving
preference to power solutions, and he became the victim of the
so-called `a group of romantics’, which at least were so introduced
that they were trying to change something with the method of power. –
Vazgen was so strong that he was neglecting all types of power
solutions of his or procedures to be implemented within the state.
Vazgen, if it were not so, he would also walked with such bodyguards,
which we see from morning till night as to how many people were
looking behind every official. Vazgen had Movses Geghangulyan, who was
the driver, bodyguard, everything and, in extreme cases, at least 2-3
security officers could go behind Vazgen, being such a great person
with highly political influence. Both, Vazgen and Karen Demirchyan,
they did not have the habit of constantly putting themselves in the
atmosphere of fear, and draw the state into the atmosphere. Vazgen was
such, therefore, people qualified as `a group of romantics’ could
implement a decisive action for the state, as a result of the coup
d’etat happened. – Who was mostly eager to see Vazgen Sargsyan’s
death? – The answer to that question has not yet been given. Our
country will begin to recover after disclosure of October 27. After
that, the event on March 1st would be revealed, afterwards such things
happened in our country would be revealed one after the other, which
would lead to such a recovery that we would speak not of mistakes
occurred or not occurred, but about the phenomena that hamper our
progress, about our prospective, which we have now set aside and
continue the battle with illusions. It simply cannot be as such.

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