Turkey Will Continue To Interfere In Egypt’s Internal Affairs – Expe


August 23, 2013 | 12:49

YEREVAN. – Turkey’s response to a tweet posted on behalf of interim
president of Egypt proves that Armenian Genocide is an obstacle for
Turkey, analyst said.

Earlier a tweet posted on behalf of interim president of Egypt Adly
Mansour was spread in media.

Turkish authorities are interested in Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,
since this is an Islamist political party, and this meets the
requirements of Turkey’s foreign policy, expert on Arabic studies
Sargis Grigoryan noted.

“For Turkey, Muslim Brotherhood is quite predictable political power
that can be manipulated by Turkey. Ankara will continue to interfere
in the internal affairs of Egypt, despite the fact that the situation
is out of control,” Grigoryan told reporters on Friday.

Referring to the political situation in Egypt, the expert predicted
that Muslim Brotherhood will try to regain power, but will do so from
the underground.

At the same time Grigoryan noted that at the moment, inter-religious
problems in the country are not advantages to the Muslim Brotherhood.

For this reason, the Armenian community has not suffered a significant
loss. However, it is possible that in a while situation may change
not in favor of religious minorities.

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