Late Proshyan Governor Commemorated On Birthday (Photos, Videos)


15:29 23.08.13

Hrach Muradyan, the Proshyan village’s former governor who was
assassinated earlier this year, would turn 50 today if alive.

The village hosted Friday an anniversary event to commemorate
the hero of the Nagorno-Karabakh war and the holder of the second
degree military cross. The ceremony was held outside the village
administration, where Muradyan was gunned down in April. Residents of
the village, companions-in-arms, friends and relatives, and members
of the civic group calling for a fair trial against the assassin,
had gathered together to remember the late governor. No slogans
chanted or no symbols were held up, apart from flags of the Armenian
Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaksutyun, of which Muradyan was a member.

Some had brought yellow flowers, knowing that the color was the late
governor’s loved one. talked to Arsen Hambardzumyan, a member of the ARF-D Supreme
body, to know what prevents the murder from being fully resolved. “We
also have our concerns, so we have involved a lawyer [in the case]
who follows the inquest. We are trying to closely see to it that the
crime is resolved as soon as possible. This is a murder difficult
to resolve given that the perpetrators were professional. But every
crime is subject to a disclosure,” he said.

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