Serzh Sargsyan Has Sent Everyone On Open-Ended Vacation


The citizens demanding the resignation of the head of transport
department and director of Yerevan Trans CJSC in front of the City Hall
have disseminated a video picturing the head of information and public
relations of the City Hall Arthur Sarukhanyan hitting the cameraman.

In fact, he has a unique method of setting up relations with the
public. He establishes physical relations with the representatives of
the public. Apparently, communication at the City Hall is still at the
primordial level when people communicated physically, not verbally.
Arthur Sarukhanyan apparently has problems with verbal communication
because after hitting the cameraman he does not utter a word to answer
the questions of the activists.

In a civilized country no official would stay in his or her office
after the publication of such a video. Serzh Sargsyan used to say
something about treating the citizens of Armenia with respect. Perhaps
this is the reason why Serzh Sargsyan is not returning from his leave.
He allows officials to treat the citizens as they want and are able
to. As if Serzh Sargsyan has sent respect on an open-ended vacation,
and the officials are not going to miss this chance, be it day
or night.

13:39 13/08/2013
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