Delay Of Pensions Due To Internal Resistance


Delay of payment of pensions in early August is due to internal
resistance, said Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, apologizing to
pensioners for disturbance. 1400 pensioners did not receive their
pensions on time because the lists were not delivered on time.

“I have instructed the minister of labor and social affairs to carry
out an investigation, as well as the prime minister’s control service
has been given an assignment. Despite fundamental changes, there is
internal resistance to the introduction of the new system,” Tigran
Sargsyan said.

He noted that some people dislike the system of transfer of pensions
and they are trying to achieve paper pensions. The prime minister
says that this very paperwork generates corruption risks.

“The minister has reported fresh cases of violations in the last
three months despite recently revealed abuse. There are still some
people who are trying to make money with old methods,” he noted.

The prime minister informed that in September the government will
publish breaches and attempts to make money illegally. He also noted
that the minister has promised that in September the pensioners will
get their pensions on time.

13:22 08/08/2013 Story from News:

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